Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register for courses?

Anyone may register to take a course on the Online Learning Center, although courses are designed for individuals over age 18.

Why do I need to be registered on the Online Learning Center in order to complete a course?

Registration allows us to better understand who is utilizing the Online Learning Center. We periodically review de-identified user data pertaining to demographics and course access. Also, by registering as a user on the site and entering your professional ID, certification, or license number, your information will automatically populate to course transcripts and certificates once you complete a course. Additionally, registration data is used to assist with automatic emails for the optional follow-up surveys associated with our courses.

How do I change my profile information, including my password?

On the menu bar, click “my profile”. Under the profile photo, click “edit profile”. Make edits as needed – password reset is at the bottom on the page. Be sure to click “update” before leaving the page to save changes.

What browser should I use for best results?

The ability to watch YouTube based videos is the most important part of the course. According to their website, the most compatible browsers for viewing are Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera. YouTube no longer supports Internet Explorer. 

What’s the difference between a course and a class?

A class consists of a pre-quiz, course materials, post-quiz, and evaluation. A course may consist of one or multiple classes.

Why do some courses have certificates and others do not?

Currently we only offer a certificate for the Youth Suicide Prevention for Educators course upon completion of all 8 classes within that course. This certificate is available for use when seeking credit from employers, or school districts, and self-reporting to licensing and credentialing entities. In addition, users may print their transcripts which document all courses taken and course hours completed.

Why do I get prompted to complete an evaluation after every course?

We greatly value your input on the courses offered. This helps us to improve your learning experience to improve future courses offered on the website. The brief evaluations provide us with valuable information that can inform future content and design functionality. All course evaluations are optional.

How can I get credit for these courses from my employer or school district?

Prevent Suicide PA does not offer credit for the courses that are offered. Credits may be available through your employer or school district. Please check with that entity. You may print out a copy of your transcript and/or certificate (if available) to show that you have completed a course.

What is Act 71?

Pennsylvania's Act 71 of 2014 requires educators of students in grades 6-12 to complete a minimum of four hours of training in suicide prevention every five years. It also requires every school district to have a policy to address suicide prevention within the district, and this policy must include protocols for administering suicide prevention education to staff and students. To read the full Act, please visit this link.

What if I would like to facilitate a training on these materials to a live audience?

Some courses on the Online Learning Center will be accompanied by facilitator guides, which will include discussion questions and activities that can be used along with the course videos as part of a live training. In order to facilitate a training, you must have completed the course on the Online Learning Center first. More information will be available soon.

Why is my transcript cleared annually?

In an effort to allow participants to review some courses for credit on an annual basis, the Online Learning Center clears all transcripts on July 1st of each year. You will receive a series of emails from the Online Learning Center beginning in May of each year alerting you that your transcript will be cleared on July 1st. This will allow you time to print and save your current transcript and any accompanying certificates. Please make sure that your email system is accepting emails from so that these important messages do not get filtered into your spam folder.

How do I print out my transcript?

You may print out your transcript by going to the “My Profile” page and clicking on the "Transcript" tab. Then, hit the “Print Transcript” button.

What if I have suggestions for additional courses?

Should you have any suggestions for new content for the Online Learning Center, we invite you to visit the home page. You may scroll down to the bottom of the home page and complete the comment form. Please be sure to include your email address, so that we may follow-up with you on your suggestions.

Why can't I progress to the post-quiz after viewing the course video?

Please make sure that you view the course video in its entirety, and allow it to finish on its own, before progressing to the post-quiz. If you have allowed the video to run to completion (including the credits) and you are still having trouble, please complete the "Contact Us" form.

What should I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties with the Online Learning Center?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the Online Learning Center, please go and complete the "Contact Us" form. 

Where can I go for additional information about suicide prevention?

For additional information about suicide prevention, please visit Prevent Suicide PA at

What if I am concerned that someone I know may be suicidal?

If you are concerned that someone you know may be suicidal, we encourage you to assist them in getting help. Two important resources for someone in crisis are the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the Crisis Text Line. You may call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). To reach the Crisis Text Line, please text “PA” to 741-741.


For additional information about suicide prevention, please visit Prevent Suicide PA at

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline call or text 988

Crisis Text Line text PA to 741-741

TrevorLifeline 1-866-488-7386

Trans Lifeline 1-877-565-8860

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