Suicide Prevention for Educators Course

The following classes are part of a larger course entitled, “Youth Suicide Prevention for Educators.” This 8-part course consists of 30-minute modules that satisfy the needs of Act 71 of 2014, requiring a minimum of four hours of training on suicide prevention every five years. This series was developed in collaboration with the Delaware County Intermediate Unit. Each class within this larger course consists of a pre-quiz, video training module, and post-quiz. You may complete as many of the 8 classes as you would like. Each will show up on your Prevent Suicide PA Online Learning Center transcript. Additionally, if you complete all of the 8 classes, you may print a certificate indicating the number of hours completed to submit to your employer or school district. Please click here to read information about each class.

As part of offering these classes to you, we are very much interested in understanding the impact and effectiveness of these training on your professional development and how you interact with students. Most importantly, if you are being mandated to learn the material, it is essential to understand if it is leading to the intended outcomes of reducing suicide risk and getting students connected to additional supports. As such, we are asking for your consent to complete a brief questionnaire before you view these courses. Additionally, we will ask you some questions after you have completed the classes you wish to take and also seek your permission to send you a follow-up questionnaire a few months after you are finished. In all, these surveys will take no more than 2-3 minutes of your time each and provide us with valuable data to better understand the effectiveness of the training.

Completing these additional questionnaires is completely voluntary. You are welcome to view the entire course without participating in the research piece. However, if you do choose to participate, you should also know that all of your responses will remain confidential, and none of your individual answers will be shared with anyone.

Please fill out the evaluation below or simply check the “No” option to the first question requesting if you would like to participate. By completing the evaluation, you are consenting to the participation in the research as detailed above.

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