Oh, and on Top of All of That…You Are Living Through a Pandemic!

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This plenary session will focus on how complicated and pressure-filled taking care of others is when life is hard. Working in Higher Education is challenging on good days because the work involves people in so many life situations. This past year has added layers of grief, isolation, the need to pay attention to details (so many details!) and the stress of the world according to Zoom. The realities of these recent challenges, on top of existing challenges, will create the foundation for looking at ways to care for ourselves and others during these times. As laughter remains one of the best medicines for all kinds of difficulties, the hope is there will be a few chuckles along the way.

Presenter: Tara Hughes, LCSW-R

Course Video Length: 1 hour

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Empathize with and identify similarities between themselves and those with lived experience.
  2. Discuss the positive effects of self-disclosure of lived experiences of suicidality.
  3. Identify stereotypes typically attached to people with lived experience of suicidality and differentiate them from truth.

Course Online Evaluation: You will be prompted with a link to an online survey at the end of the course.

Course Achievement: No certificate will be available for this course. Completion for this course will, however, show up on the user’s transcript with any other courses that have been completed on the site.

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